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Causes Of School Violence

4 key causes of violence in schools. Another cause of school violence may be personality problems.

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The depression that breeds anger and hostility leading to violent tendencies in school bullies can in turn lead to victimized students becoming depressed and disinterested in school activities and academia altogether.

Causes of school violence.

Forensic psychologists who study criminal behavior believe school killers are very different from other violent youth such as gang members or drug dealers.
Reducing school violence requires that steps be taken to change the environment and address some of the more common causes of school violence.
Most educators and education researchers and practitioners would agree that school violence arises from a layering of causes and risk factors that include but are not limited to access to weapons media violence cyber abuse the impact of school community and family environments personal alienation and more.

The causes of school violence are complex and varied.
For whatever reason they feel powerless and begin obsessing over killing or injuring others.
Shyness for instance may cause a student to feel out of place amongst his peers thereby influencing him to be rebellious or try to get noticed by any means.

2 lack of community between parents guidance counselors and teachers.
Causes of school violence.
Effects of school violence.

School violence is often caused by a combination of physical behavioral and learned factors.
4 disconnect between students and teachers.
Such behaviour may also result in bullying and gang fights.

It is typical of school violence to mainly affect those who are victimized by bullying classmates.
3 disconnect between students.
1 lack of realistic effective disciplinary systems.

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