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Carol Herzer

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Carol Herzers Illuminated Tarot This Card Was A Sample I Received

Decks I Love Carol Herzer S Illuminated Tarot Tarottools Com

Decks I Love Carol Herzer S Illuminated Tarot Tarottools Com

Cosmo Astrolotaro By Carol Herzer

Elemental Rainbows Tarot Deck By Carol Herzer

Carol Herzer Paintings

It is an expression of the chakra energies there are many visions and versions of the chakras. When i ordered it back in 2003 carol customized the deck for me slipping it into a handmade bag.

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Carol Herzer Painting Gallry 1960 S Seattle Series Paintings

The web page on her site that features the illuminated tarot she also has designed other tarot and chakra decks can be found at illuminated tarot.

Carol herzer paintings.

Carol herzer usa.
We hope you will like our creative expression and the different tools we are offering.
Chakra paintings by carol herzer including the 7 individual chakras and several paintings each with two chakras.

Carol herzers work includes pastel pencil drawings and paintings in oils and acrylics on canvas and watercolor paper.
In 1980 she did her first readings with astrology adding her own tarot deck.
This group of paintings is by carol herzer also the music singing bowls and voice is by carol.

Decks by carol herzer.
She stopped painting in oils in 1979 but continued with large paintings on canvas in acrylics until 1986.
Chakra painting eye painting painting gallery seven chakras 7 chakras chakra healing music eye images third eye chakra throat chakra.

The seeds for this work were planted in 1969 when she began work on her own tarot deck and became interested in astrology.
Soul guidance is the website of carol herzer and dirk gillabel two souls who came together to guide you on your spiritual path with art music and lots of information.
Cosmo meditations tarot by carol herzer the roots of this series of paintings were in the 1960s.

Carol is an artist and psychic guide her path in life has manifested through combining her art with helping others.
Many of the paintings on canvas are large pieces.
The dark crystal tarot deck is a special version of the original illuminated tarot painted by carol herzer.

The illuminated tarot is only available from carol herzer the artist who created it.
Fourteen years after purchasing carol herzers illuminated tarot the deck remains one of my very favorites.
The psychedelic journey was approached with a spiritual and serious attitude the images here document the inner transformations of that experience.

When i opened carol herzers hand assembled courier package it pretty much crackled with energy.
Painting gallery carol herzer.
Now that i look back i can see how this affected the energy of the illuminated tarot paintings that i was doing at the same time carol herzer.

This post is part of a series called decks i love featuring favorite tarot decks in my collection.

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Samhain Moon Illuminated Tarot By Carol Herzer