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Brian Fury

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Bryan Fury

He was killed in a shoot out in hong kong. Bryan fury used to be an officer in the international police organization.

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Bryan Fury Face

Steam Community Bryan Fury

Bryan fury is a fictional character first introduced in the popular fighting video game franchise tekken.

Bryan fury.

The north american soldier turned police officer known as bryan fury is a character with quite an eventful life.
Bryans corpse was transported to the laboratory of a man named doctor abel.
When he worked as a police officer he had many successes and was considered a brilliant detective by his co workers.

Bryan first appeared in tekken 3 and he has returned to all the other tekken games after the third one.
He is one of the few villains to be eviler than the mishimas even heihachi of all people and is the vilest of them all as shown in the later games.
Bryan is popular among fans for his ruthless personality hard hitting fighting style and trademark evil laugh.

Hes a cop hes a zombie and hes ready to tear your face off if you look at him funny.
On paper bryan fury is a kickboxer.
Bryan fury is a major antagonist in the tekken series.

However there were some pretty dark rumours in regards to him.
In 2012 cheat code central ranked bryan as the sixth baddest video game fighter commenting.
Bryan fury buraian fyuri is a character in the tekken fighting game series.

Bryan first appears in the third installment of the popular fighting game franchise.
In practice bryan fury is insane.

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Bryan Fury From Tekken